Whew! The last few weeks have been jam packed and flown by. I am finally getting some video/pictures uploaded and posted today. Getting settled takes so much time and energy, especially when you have a handy-dandy sidekick like I do. The great thing about my particular sidekick is that she wants things done her way, right away. Like now, she is outside in shorts, no shoes, pushing her baby in the stroller. I won't know what to do without her when she goes to school though, my life will be so boring! Here's the diva herself, playing dress up with Grammy's jewels!

So I said I would post pics or video of the new house and I am finally doing so. I hope this works... it's kinda long and takes awhile to watch. Oh and one more thing, you might need a strong stomach as I am not the most steady videographer!

Let me know what you think and when you are going to come and visit us!

Here is a picture of Preston opening some presents while we were in Oklahoma. He thought it was fantastic to get to have a party early!

Here's dad & I at the OU/UT game. We had fun even though the sooners lost. The weather was nice and we didn't have to sit by any obnoxious fans! It's too bad this will be the last time Dad gets to use our tickets to go to this game....everytime he does the sooners lose! I told him he was on babysitting duty from now on!

Now some random thoughts this week.

I LOVE fall. The leaves are barely starting to change and the air is crisp and I love it. I love that I can wear a sweater around the house and be cozy all day long. I love that there are orange pumpkins and multi-colored gourds adourning our house.

New opportunities...I have told a lot of you, but I am sure I have missed a few, that I am starting a job at our church in a couple of weeks. I am going to be working part-time as our church secretary. It will be for a few hours a day, M-F. The really nice things about it is that it is super flexible and I can take the kids with me, so no daycare bill! The work won't be overly complicated, but I will have a steady income stream this way. I will miss substituting at the school, but it was just too sporadic and I needed to find something more stable. I heard a rumor that our church could be looking for a new secretary soon, so I called to let them know to keep me in mind if that was the case and by the end of that day, I pretty much had the job if I wanted it! It sure pays to be proactive! I have actually been in one day to talk with the current secretary and have her explain things to me, but I am going to go in a couple more days before she leaves.

Being settled....finally. I think I can say that we are there. I still have a few things to do, but some of them I need help with and some of them will require the kids being gone to actually get them done. I have managed to get some things hung on the walls and laundry done and made cupcakes to take to school for Preston tomorrow. I would say that things are settling down! Now if I can get Jeremy to help me hang curtain rods tonight I will be happy!


Melissa said...

Love the video! I am dying to come and see the new house...can't wait.
I LOVE the pics of Cambree...she is a Diva one minute and tom boy the next. Precious!!!

Anonymous said...

I tried to watch the video and it says it's no longer available. Guess I will just have to make the trip down to see it in person! I can't believe how big Cambree is getting.