Good intentions

I had really good intentions of posting these photos on Valentine's Day, but I was just too busy with the kids and by the time evening rolled around Preston was sick, so we all just vegged out in the recliners.
(On a side note, let me take this moment to say that I HATE the fact that blogger posts your photos in reverse order!!!!! ARGH! So this story is backwards from how I originally wanted to tell it!)

These are the flowers that Jeremy suprised me with Saturday morning. He just walked out of the house and I thought to myself that it was really strange that he left without telling anyone good-bye. Very rarely does he leave the house without saying bye to me and "See ya later, Joses!" to the kids. SO I sat there thinking "What in the world is he mad about?" Then before I could come up with an answer, he walked back in carrying this flower arrangement. I was shocked and the kids just went nuts. They loved the flowers and so did I, but we all loved them a little bit more when Jeremy told us what they meant. The red roses are for the boys, the pink ones are for the girls and the yellow one is for our baby! This was super cool to the kids and they even told the librarian all about it when she asked if they were having a good valentine's day! SO I give Jeremy all the credit this year! I didn't expect anything and I sure was suprised to see that he put so much though into it....and it might be a sign that he is coming to terms with our new addition!

These next pictures are of Cambree wearing her new princess apron that her momma made! Yep, we cranked that baby out Saturday afternoon and she loved it so much that she wore it to Pizza Dave's later that evening. It was supposed to be for her birthday, but I ended up having to measure her to see where to put the straps and how long to make them and of course there was no convincing her that this apron belonged to someone else (like I have done with all the other things she has managed to find....she is much too much like her mother! ARGH!) She is adorable in it and now she has something to wear while she helps me in the kitchen, since I can't remember a time when she hasn't been right there with me learning to cook!

Why a random pic of Jeremy? Well this was after Preston got home from school and the Valentine's Party and Jeremy was telling him a story about when he was little and got in trouble of the bus on Valentine's Day because of a girl! Now, mind you that the story continued and it was actually Jeremy who got himself into trouble....he caught a miller and put it down the shirt of the girl in the seat in front of him. He admitted that he liked her and that's why he did it! Such a CHARMER he is!
Preston checking out all the loot from school. He was mostly happy about his valentine's, but he did give the Tinkerbell one to Cambree because he thought she would like it a lot more that he did. I was actually quite suprised at the lack of candy there was this year. Must be the economy, but we had a pencil, some tatoos and stickers (which Preston is not impressed with) and a few suckers. One piece of good chocolate (Snickers) from Mrs. Hoffman that he shared with his dad!
As I was looking at this picture I just now noticed Cambree Jane's had at the corner of the table. She must have been sneaking in to see what she could get away with! It must have worked, because I don't remember any hollering and I definitely don't remember her being there when I took the photo! I told you she was sneaky! Too funny, I love it!

Hope you all had a great day with your sweethearts!


Melissa said...

Love the flowers! What a cool idea. :)

Anonymous said...

Awww! How sweet. Give Jeremy a pat on the back for that one. I love Cambree's face in the second picture of her in her lovely apron. The expression says it all. ;)