Fun Stuff

I was playing around last night working on creating some fun new stuff to offer my seniors. These are sort of hard to visualize without seeing the 3-d final version, but they are really cool. If you're at the house sometime ask to see a sample! My goal today is to get the pricing worked out on these things!

Front & Back of a 4x5.5 Flat Card. Similar to a postcard, but color printing on both sides. They come in semi-gloss, watercolor, pearl, & linen for paper options...all really cool! These would make great invitations to a graduation party or thank you cards for gifts!

Front & Back of a Rep card. Much like a biz card, but again color on both sides. These can include contact information as well, I just didn't want to put personal info on my samples. Multiple paper options as well for these!

These are really neat...bookmarks! They are 2x7 and can be flat or creased. Again, hard to visualize without seeing the finished product. These could be used for so many things...birth announcements, invitations, the creased ones would be awesome business cards, Save the Date cards (that's a great idea I just came up with!)...anything you can imagine! These too are printed on both sides.

Of course, these things aren't limited to just seniors, anyone can order them, I am just looking to expand my senior market with some interesting new products. Melissa, you might remember all the samples I had of stuff at your house....these are my version!
Give me your feedback and let me know what you think! Can't wait to play with some things for my own kids too!

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Melissa said...

Love these! So cool! So many ways to use them too.