Happy Birthday Princess!!

Our little Princess turned 3 on Friday and we celebrated in royal style on Saturday! A new dress and a princess crown for the occassion!

A castle cake for our royal court to admire!

Make a wish fitting a princess!
Family tradition to let the kids cut their own piece of cake!
You can see, she cut a big piece for herself!

A 'puter....that she immediately knew how to operate (don't think she learned that from her momma, do you?!)
New boots....finally can get back to work with dad!
A Princess bike and helmet to match! Later that night she told me, "I sure love the princess bike that Santa brought me!" Well she is sorta right I guess, but we won't tell her just yet!
Making a trial cupcake with her new cupcake baker! Wearing her Princess apron, which was a good thing since she had chocolate frosting flying all over the kitchen!
Cambree had a FABULOUS party and we are so happy that our friends and family were here to celebrate with us! I am sure that I will remember this celebration far longer than she will, but it will be special none the less!

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mom said...

We had a Grand day at Castle Stapleton, with the prettiest Princess in all the land