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April showers collage
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What is more fun during the rain than stripping down and playing in it? NOTHING! If you ask my children anyways. During the course of the rain on Sunday afternoon, I washed three loads of laundry, bathed Cambree twice and Preston three times. The most priceless part of the day occured while I was downloading the photos you see here and I wasn't able to document it (one of those times when having a point-and-shoot would be beneficial!) Preston was out riding his bike, supposed to be staying out of the mud, when he got his bike high centered in a puddle. Instead of getting off and moving it, he just kept peddling faster and faster. Well you can imagine what this did....yep, it threw mud all up the back of his shirt and the back of his head. What makes this even better is that he was wearing a brand-new shirt & he had it on backwards. So really, he was destroying the FRONT of his new shirt! The blessing was that he didn't want to wait for me to wash it before he wore it, so most of the mud came right off....don't know what they put on those t-shirts before they send them to the store, but I would like to have some to put on all my kids clothes each morning before they leave the house. Most of the mud just washed right out in the sink. You would never know the trials this shirt has been through!

Easter 2009 collage
And these pictures are from our very abbreviated session in our Easter clothes...before Easter. I had been wanting to take pics of the kids all dressed up and the weather kept being uncooperative, so one evening after work and school I decided it was now or never! So we got all spiffed up and combed and curled our hair and headed out to the park. NOTE TO SELF: parks are not the best location if your children are dressed up and you want their cooperation. All they wanted to do was to play, of course and I promised that when we were all finished we would change our clothes and come back and play. This did not set well with the children and they decided that they were going to make the whole process miserable for all. After about 20 minutes of what felt like pure torture I called it quits and took two crying kids home in the car. I was ready to give up...pay someone else to go through this torture for a few good shots of the kids. I put the memory card in the reader and tried to forget about the park while I fixed supper. Luckily that night the kids were more cooperative and I got a few minutes to peak at the photos. I was totally suprised when I looked and saw that there were more than a couple good ones. I didn't get the genuine smile, photo of the two of them that I wanted, but I definitely captured some personality....just what I see on a daily basis around here. So, in the end I decided that the time and tears where worth it and maybe next time I am the one who needs to be a little more relaxed and just go with the flow....maybe next time we will wait until after we have worn our fancy new clothes to church before we go on the photo shoot....then I probably won't be so uptight about getting clothes ruined!

Enjoy the pics of the kiddos!

P.S. Notice the picture of Preston bustin' out a dance move! LOVE IT!

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Grandma robin said...

I for one would love to have this printed so i could frame the little darlings and display this...I LOVE it.... CUTE CUTE CUTE!!!