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I don't know why I haven't blogged in a week. I guess I just haven't felt up to it. Not really much to tell. I sent pics of the massive snow storm we had here....that pretty much tells the story. Trapped in the house with my munchkins for two days and hubby for one day....there wasn't going to be anything but griping if I did post! Friday, the kids and I cleaned and re-arranged their rooms in anticipation of the arrival of baby "W". I know it seems soon, but when I look at my calendar I realize that of the 20 weeks I have left, I only have about 10 work day! YIKES! Anyways, it was more in an effort to finish up Cambree's room and to find out what needed to stay and what needed to be replaced in Preston's room.
Here's a look at Cambree's new arrangement.
Still waiting on help to get things hung on the walls.

Sunday we finally made it out of the house only to have this happen...

Looking back, we should have known this would happen, but we had a great adventure anyway. We played Survivor Man (popular show at our house on Discovery channel). It wasn't too cold outside, so the kids thought it was great fun.

We are getting ready to go to Ardmore to get the Vue....anyone looking for an excellent used car? Know someone who is? We are ready to wheel and deal to get rid of this thing. CALL ME! Seriously, please help me get rid of this thing!

Here's a few more snow pics for you and a couple from what I did yesterday!

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