2 months

That's how long I have left in this pregnancy! And if I am being honest, right now that sounds like an eternity!! When I look at the calendar and the things we have to look forward to between now and then, I know that it really isn't all that long.

But I read yesterday that at 31 weeks, our baby is about 3.3 lbs or the size of 4 navel oranges {imagine having that rolling around in your belly at all hours of the day} and he is already 16 inches long.

The other two were less than 20 inches, so that means at least he won't be getting much longer, but according to my research he is about to go on a growth spurt! This means soon I will be carrying around 5 navel oranges! And Jeremy just can't seem to understand why I can't get out of bed or up out of the chair...men, they just don't get this pregnancy thing!

In other baby news, he is a very active baby. I don't remember my other two moving as much as he does, but then again it has been a few years since I was pregnant with them! It never fails that he wants to practice his Tae Kwan Do {however you spell those fancy martial arts} about the time I am ready for bed and again when I get up during the night for a pit stop. And I am fairly convinced that he thinks my bladder is either a punching bag or a kick boxing bag....depending on his practice schedule.

One more baby related thing before I leave you for today. In light of the fact that I am at the two month mark today, I want to issue a naming poll. That's right, I want to here what you all think we are naming baby Stapleton #3. Here are the criteria for the name:

1. It's a boy name .... it's not a cross gender name
2. It starts with W
3. It has exactly 7 letters ... no more, no less!
{This came about because our other two have 7 letters by random coincidence and I decided that baby #3 would also have 7 letters so that he wouldn't feel shafted later in life! And yes, this was a big factor in the name selection process!}

So, leave a comment with what your best guess is at the name. I am anxious to hear and see your thoughts, plus I think this will make a great page in W's baby book! Get Crackin'!


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Anonymous said...

Wait a minute! Waseem didn't have enough letters. Let's make that guess Wasseem. Do you have any Arabic names in your family?

Let's also guess ...



mom said...

this is hard!!


Melissa said...

Richard is sure it is William!...Billy for short!