Birthday Picnics

This weekend was so much fun! We had two birthday picnics in a row!


We started out on Friday celebrating my 28th birthday at the park with food from the Kremee and cake and ice cream. It was mainly a matter of convenience that night...my kitchen was a mess and so was mom's {from work projects} so it was just easier to eat at the park.


But it was such fun that we decided we would do it again on Saturday night to celebrate Papa's birthday early since all of his boys would be home.


Papa hauled the Traeger to the park and fixed us some GOOD burgers. Wayland said it might have been the best one he's ever had! And we had coleslaw, chips, beans and of course cake and ice cream later.

Wayland got a new camera that he doesn't know how to operate

The girls rode the "buckin' bull!"

And my favorite shot from the evening

This is what you get when you tell the kids to say "Papa's an old man!" LOTS OF SMILES!!

And Traci reminded me that I have been blogging for over a year now...{doesn't seem possible to me} and wanted to know if I was going to do a 28 things list. So I started working on it, but it's not completed yet. I will post it when it is though!

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mom said...

Good food, good company, 3 -4 cameras, lots of giggles = priceless. Papa had a good time. Happy birthday sara and papa...