I didn't take my camera with me to T-ball tonight, but I got some great comments from Preston's coaches after the game.

Preston is a very enthusiastic player. He loves to see everyone do a good job and he is the best at encouraging his teammates.

Tonight our first baseman caught a pop-fly and apparently Preston told his coach

"I just have to take my glove off and clap for that!"

She told him to go for it as long as he had his glove on before the next batter got up!

And we have several older boys who can hit home-runs....and P thinks this is one of the greatest things about the game. While waiting on third for the next batter he told the third base coach,

"We have a lot of strong hitters on our team ya know!"

They love him and think he is hilarious, which he is. Where he comes up with this stuff I do not know.

All I can say as his mother is that I am so thankful he is enthusiastic about it and that he wants to keep playing...even after being tagged out at first base tonight.

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Melissa said...

He is so sweet! Can't wait to see him play. He really does seem to love it!