T-ball finale!

You can rest knowing that this will be the last post about t-ball this summer! We played our final games on Saturday in a tournament {which since they don't keep score, we don't really know who won....Preston believes we are the champions!}

{Our Blue Team}

It was a hot, miserable day. One I hope not to repeat for at least a year! Unfortunately, I know it won't be the last time I am forced outside this summer for a long period of time...fireworks sales is coming up!


I am very proud of Preston for his first t-ball season. He did a fantastic job of listening to his coaches and working hard to improve with each game and practice. I am also very grateful to the coaches who put in so much time to make the season so much fun for the kids. It takes a lot of patience to work with kids that many times a week during the summer and they did a terrific job!


Preston is already looking forward to next year and wondering, "Will I be able to hit a home run next year?"

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mom said...

Coldwater BLUE team rocks!!! i miss t-ball but not that HEAT!!!