Check-Up Day!


Westynn and I had our Well Baby, Well Mom check up today and we passed with flying colors! I was pleasantly suprised to find I have already dropped 13 pounds...granted more than half I am still carrying around regularly, but it is much better to be able to snuggle and kiss this half!


Nurse Connie checked us both all over and she was so impressed with Westynn! He weighed 6 lbs 4 oz when we left the hospital on Friday and today he weighed 6 lbs 10.3 oz! A WHOLE oz more than his birth weight!!!

She thought he might look a little yellow still, but as good as he is eating and peeing and pooping, he should return to a normal color soon! And he isn't really all that yellow, just a tinge.


Cambree wasn't too sure what to think about the ordeal and she has become quite shy and subdued in public now. She stood and watched the whole thing in awe. But the cutest part of the whole day was when she climbed up on bed with Westynn while we were waiting.


We go back September 3rd for his 2 week check up...can't wait to see how much the little piggy weighs!


Melissa said...

Wow! What a growing boy! Glad to hear you are all doing well!

The Murphy's said...

Oh nurse Connie was there for both of my girls births/checkups. Glad you are all doing well!

mom said...

I am a lucky Grandma to be able to be a part of so much joy and happiness and so many 'little moments'...these kids are the reason I get up every morning....LOVE THEM