What we did today

On our first Friday without school, here's what we did!

I managed to finish up my part of the kitchen project!!! I can't tell you how happy this makes me!

I finished up painting the remaning three doors and all the drawer fronts. All that's left is to put the hinges and knobs on the doors and hang them and put the handles on the drawers. I will do the handles tomorrow and the rest is up to Jeremy!

Here I am working away in the kitchen! Can you believe I am posting this picture?! At least you can't see my belly hanging out of my too-small t-shirt (but in my defense I didn't want to get paint on another shirt).


I worked on some craft projects (scroll down) and Cambree worked on some creativity of her own!

Preston read to me all the different names of rattlesnakes from his zoobook. Thank goodness Grandma Janis saved all of dad's zoobooks for the last 25 years!


Celebrating our first page sent home from school! So fun to see what he is capable of. We went to parent's night last night and it sounds like P is going to have a great kindergarten year with Mrs. Jackson.
A little project to go with someone's birthday treats next week!
This to welcome our baby brother home and a little something for the Grandma's, but I can't post any pics because that would give away the precious secret of W's full name!
I admired these long lashes! Why oh why can't I have lashes like these?!

Then Jeremy came home from work and took the twirps to the ranch. They went as a football player and a cheerleader. There was a big game going to take place there this evening...so I am told! Can't wait to hear all about it!


Anonymous said...

Sara! Such a nice post, reading along about your great day. The fun you had together. Projects, school. Then just as we reach the end, I see Jeremy took the 'twerps' to the ranch. I laughed out loud. I was feeling all warm and fuzzy about your family and then the 'twerps' came along. Funny!

mom said...

I need help at my house>>>>