Kickin' The Habit

No, I'm not a smoker!

And I don't tip the bottle!

So, what habit am I kicking?


That's right, I am giving up pop. There are several reasons for this. First of all, I had to give up Dr. Pepper becaue the caffeine adversely affects Westynn. So I was drinking soda's without caffeine...like Root Beer and Caffeine Free Coca Cola. They were okay, but not the same as my first love Dr. Pepper.

Second reason, it gets expensive.

Third reason, the kids see me drinking soda and think they need to as well. I know it's not good for any of us, so we are all going to quit.

Fourth, I have a few more pounds to lose and this should make that a little easier.

So, what am I doing instead? Drinking decaf iced tea for one thing and also trying to keep myself occupied during the 1:00 p.m. hour when I would normally drink my soda. That's why I am posting right now...accountability!

On this website she posted about the 21 day challenge and I am going to refer back to her posts to keep myself motivated. I am also making a list of other habits that I need to stop or good habits that I need to start. Hopefully I can make a small change each month and create a better, healthier me over time!

Anybody else have a habit they want to kick or start in the next 21 days?

I gladly welcome you to join me!

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Anonymous said...

Giving up soda? Good for you! I find that very inspiring, I think you are crazy, but I am inspired nonetheless! Good luck!