One More Week

I have one more week left in my 21 day challenge to kick the soda habit.

I am not going to lie, it is has been brutal. With the lack of sleep around here, my entire being is screaming for some fuel to keep it going. I have to continually tell my brain that I am doing a GOOD thing here and that in time the cravings will subside and I will be better for this.

Here's the challenge...while I am doing well not giving into to the craving of soda, I am still craving the sugar!


ARGH! So that is one reason there was a random cake baking session the other day...I needed a sugar fix and what better way to have one than to have cake!


I really wanted some of these as well, but alas they have chocolate. But guess what? They are still pretty tasty when made "naked" aka without the chocolate. On my list of things to have when I am no longer restricted to the Westynn diet is the real thing here, the full version!

So, I have been thinking....

Would I be better off to just drink the soda and not have all the other stuff I have been substituting with OR do I forge ahead on the road I'm on and work on the sugar thing next month {or perhaps after the holidays :)}? Leave me a comment and let me know what you would do!

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The Murphy's said...

I think you have made it this far without the soda, so keep going! Good job, those Dr P's are addictive. I really only crave pop when I am pregnant, but I go overboard. Good luck!