Wednesday With Westynn


Well another week has passed and I am here once again, hi-jacking mom's blog to fill you in on what's been going on with me.

For starters, you might notice that I am smiling in this photo! I finally caved and decided that Mom has suffered enough. And, frankly, I am tired of her calling me a twirp! She really loves it when I smile at her and just to make her feel extra special, I have been talking back to her and laughing out loud when she makes funny sounds. She didn't even get mad this morning at 3:00 am when I wanted to talk and smile at her. I am really proud of her because she tried really hard to keep her eyes open, but I know she was tired, so I didn't keep it up for long.

In other weekly news, I had the unfortunate experience of getting my first round of vaccines.


Notice my sesame street band-aids? Yeah it was kind of hard getting this vaccine thing done. The nurse was really nice, even though she had to stick me three times. Twice in this thigh and once in the other. I guess it is to my advantage that I have plenty of "chub" to cushion the stick! Mom said I did really good and she was really impressed with how quickly I was back to my happy self. I was even smiling at her while she put my clothes back on. I hear I have to do this again in two months...NOT looking forward to that.

I think that about sums up my week....oh yeah, I forgot. I got to experience Preston's 6th birthday party and boy was it FUN!! I can't wait for Mom to throw me a party. She says I have to wait until I turn one and I say, why not when I turn, say 7 months? Isn't that reason enough to celebrate? I tried my best to talk her into it, but she told me to hold my horses. Ideas are already spinning for my first birthday party and she promises it will be a good one too!

Have a great week and I will see you next Wednesday!

P.S. I am going to be the cutest Pumpkin for Halloween! Be safe and have fun trick or treating...hope you get more treats than tricks!

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Grandma Robin said...

Westynn you sweet little thing you just keep on keeping your mom up and let her ENJOY those precious moments...she can sleep when she is old....sleep is highly overrated...loves and hugs to you sweet cheekies....