Wednesday with Westynn


I had a lunch date today! It was my first one and I got to go with two of the prettiest ladies I know. My Momma and Grandma had the day off, so when Grandma Robin called and asked momma if we wanted to go to Greensburg to the Green Bean Coffee Co. for lunch, we said YES!

Momma was excited because she said she never gets asked to lunch and I was excited because I got to spend some time being spoiled! Momma said her lunch was really good, but since she wouldn't let me have a bite, I will have to take her word for it. She said I should tell you that if you are in Greensburg you should definitely stop by for a sandwich or some coffee.

If you are wondering how big I am getting, my mom put all my 0-3 month clothes away this week and got out the 3-6 month clothes. And while she was putting them away, I heard her say that it won't be long and I will have outgrown some of these as well. I am still eating well and mom is counting down the days until I can start eating some cereal. We are both hoping it helps my tummy troubles and that Mom can get some sleep at night!

I also went to my first auction this week. I wasn't all that impressed, because it was loud and I couldn't understand a word that auctioneer was saying. I got lots of attention though and I had a ton of people tell me that I am cute {but I already knew that because Momma tells me ALL the time}.


See ya next Wednesday!


Melissa said...

You are so precious Westynn! Love your adorable face in the last pic...already gettin' your look down for the ladies! :)

Katie said...

CUTIE pie.

Sara, wow. I am so blessed by your words. Thank you so much for encouraging my heart and sharing those words from your devotion. They sound similar to what I have been learning in my Esther Bible study.

I love what you said about Reese not being taken from us in vain!

Grandma Robin said...


Jen said...

How sweet!!! We can't wait to see you all again soon!!