Wednesday With Westynn


I'm baaaack! You are in for an extra special treat today!!! Not only do I get to hi-jack Momma's blog, but this will be the 200th post at So Happy Together.

That's a lot of writing, photography and what-not that you have had to put up with, huh? Momma said to tell you all that she is glad you take the time to read this, even if you don't post a comment {though I know she really likes it when you do!}

So, now back to me...another easy-peasy week for me. Most of what I have been doing is just hanging out, eating, pooping, sleeping, talking and occassionally throwing a fit. Yep. I did a number on Mom during church on Sunday...I don't know when she will take me back! She never did figure out what was wrong with me exactly...I'm not sure that I know what my problem was. Guess church just didn't agree with me.


I am looking forward to this weekend, because we get to go to Iowa to a Birthday Party!

Momma has warned me about the LOOOOONG ride in the car and I am trying hard to decide if I should be good or throw a fit and show them who is really the boss...You should probably check in next week to find out how it went!


'Till then....Westynn


Anonymous said...

I love to read your Wednesday posts. I would never be quite creative enough to write from my child's perspective. I pray the trip goes smoothly. Hopefully Preston and Cambree will keep the little guy entertained!


Becky said...

Aww! I love sleeping babies and chubby little fingers.
Good luck on your trip!

Melissa said...

How could that sweet, precious baby ever throw a fit ?!?! Is your mommy sure about that Westynn! :)

Grandma Robin said...

You precious little sweet boy...you surely will ride like an angel...Some of the ladies at your church have been telling me you found your church voice...I am so lucky I get to hold you while you are drooling and sleeping on my shoulder...rock on....hugs and sweet chubbie cheek kisses...