Wednesday with Westynn {a day late}

Hello my peeps!


Sorry to keep you waiting a day, but we just had a lot going on yesterday.

Momma was here by herself with all three of us kiddos at bathtime and sister got mad because I wouldn't let her hold me in the bathtub. By the time we all got out Cambree and I were having a contest as to who could have the whiniest, loudest cry...I think she won, but only because she is bigger, not because I didn't try my hardest.

Anyways, after books and putting the big kids to bed, Momma said that I was to go to bed too and the writing could just wait!


Well let me tell you that the weather has turned COLD!! here. I am not a big fan of it because Momma makes me wear this stocking cap and I don't like it on my head. She was making me wear this other one that buckled under my chin, but alas I have grown out of it already {darn!}. On top of the hat, I have to get all bundled up when it is time to get in my carseat and I don't like this much either...to confining!

In other, more exciting news, I have started eating cereal. No, not getting Lucky Charms or anything yet, but some very bland rice cereal! I don't really know for sure how I feel about the whole situation. I eat it part of the time because it makes Momma so happy and then other times I just spit it out {partially because I like to see her squirm while it is running all down my chin!! hehe!!}. I am doing pretty good with the spoon though and Momma said that if she were to put some sweet potatoes or something on there, she bets I would just gobble it right up! Hope she tries it soon!


Well I am off to visit with some family. Unfortunately, we had a death in our extended family this week, but we do at least get to see everyone that we missed at Thanksgiving. Have a great weekend and talk at ya next week!


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