Birthday Prep

If you don't know already, besides being the month of love, February is Cambree's birthday month.  We are in full birthday party planning mode around here.

Quite awhile ago, she decided that she wanted to have a "butterfly" party.  So I have been busy browsing the internet for ideas and combing magazines for any ideas that can be used or altered to match our theme.

I still feel like I don't quite have all the pieces together yet, but that has not stopped me from working on a few things.  This weekend I put together a cute picture frame to use for a picture of the birthday girl and it can easily be adapted for any theme, so I thought I would show you just how easy it was.

For this project you will need a frame with plenty of extra space on the mat, a paper punch related to your theme, patterned paper or cardstock and glue dots {or other adhesive, but this is my fav}.

Clean the glass of your frame, leaving it insde the frame.


Use your paper punch and punch out several designs from your patterned paper or cardstock.


Lay your punched designs out on the top of the glass in a pattern that appeals to you. I used a grid pattern, which you will see in the last photo if you want to scroll down and take a look.

Put a glue dot {I used the mini's} on the back of each punched design and apply directly to the top of the glass.


If you look closely you will see a shadow under each design and this is the reason I like to apply it on top of the glass. It gives it more dimension. And if you use repositionable glue dots, you can always remove them and use the frame for another project later.


And there you have it!


Now all you need is a picture of the adorable birthday girl {or boy} to display at the party!

{This would be cute with hearts for your Valentine this year!}

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