We're Giving Up

Last night at the dinner table we were having a family discussion about what we are going to give up for Lent {which started yesterday if you don't know and goes through Easter...40 DAYS!}.

I stated that I was going to give up dessert, because I have just become too good of friends with it in the last 10 years and I knew it would take some serious mental skill to avoid it.

Jeremy, after many attempts to "give up" things that don't exist, like getting up in the night, eating breakfast, changing diapers...finally decided he would forgo pop for the next 40 days.

When it was Preston's turn to name something he would give up he excitedly replied, "I'm giving up my bedtime!"  Either taking lessons from his father or one smart kid.  Unfortunately for him, his Mom over-turned his decision.

Following her brother's example, Cambree declared, "I'm giving up bedgetables!"  {HUGE GRIN!}  Once again, over-ruled by mom!

We finished our dinner and continued the evening with our routine.  I called the kids in to help unload the dishwasher.  As Preston was sorting the silverware I heard him say, "I'm totally giving this up too!"  HA! He wasn't speaking to anyone in particular, just making a statement.  I admit, I laughed out loud! 

These kids are good for some laughs that's for sure!

{A favorite picture from our trip to Miami last year...it just feels like spring to me, and I am craving spring now!}

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princessdiva said...

HA! They get smart fast don't they--Those are the moments you just wish wouldn't end!