Wednesday With Westynn

Hello peeps!  It's been ages since we last talked.  Or I guess since I did the talking and you did the listening!  I am having a brief moment of relief from feeling bad so Momma said I could get on the computer to do a post.  I had to explain to her that my followers don't like being kept in suspense about what is going on in my life this long.  She was a tad unsympathetic, but when I explained that I wouldn't cry the entire time I was posting she caved.  At this point she will agree to anything that keeps me happy.

You have to understand that since Feb. 23rd Momma has had one kid or the other not feeling good for at least some part of each day.  Yep, that means that today is 15 days of grumpy kids.  I started not feeling well on Sunday after church and it has been a rough and rocky road since then.  I have been running a temperature, had a cough, congestion and just generally have been grumpy. Momma ought to know that I love her though because all I have wanted for the last four days is for her to hold  me.  Now I'm sittin' in the bumbo and feeling better.  Heck, I am even starting to act more like my usual self.

In other news...amongst all this sickness I also managed to get my first TWO teeth.  That's right. 2.  And only days apart.  If you look real close you might be able to see them just poking through in the picture up there.  I also went last week and had my 6 month check up.  I weighed 17 lbs 10 oz and was 25 3/4 inches long.  That means that I have gained over 11 lbs since birth and grown almost 6 inches!  WOW, that's amazing progress for 6 months.

I am still getting my mom up during the night but she has warned me that once I get over my illness I am going to have to learn to sleep all night.  Really I know that she is right because I am not hungry, I just like seeing her face during the night and knowing that she hasn't forgotten about me back here. I am going to try really hard not to give her too many troubles while we go through this process.

My sister, Cambree Jane, celebrated her 4th birthday and I got to see once again just how much our Momma loves each of us!  She {momma} even cut off part of her finger getting ready for C's party!!! I wonder what injuries she will sustain getting my first birthday party ready?  I hope it isn't serious.  Cambree's party was a lot of fun...there were lots of people here and they were all so nice.  My friend Owen came up and we got to know each other a little better.  Momma assures me that once we get older we will have more fun together!  I aslo got spoiled by my friend Sloan!  She loves to hold me and I just think she is pretty fun too.  I am glad they all came to our house to see us.

We also added a new member to our family!  I guess my parents are crazy and think that having sick kids isn't enough of a challenge!  Seriously, who do these people think they are?  Trying to take care of ailing babies AND a new 7 week old puppy?

But he's pretty cute!  I haven't really developed an opinion of him yet because of being sick.  I'll let you know how it goes between me & Oscar.

Well, I am getting sleepy again, so I guess that means it is time wrap it up.  Thanks for listening to my ramblings once again and hopefully I will be back next week! 



Rhonda said...

Westynn is such a cutie, and really growing fast! Wow - teeth!

Melissa said...

Yea..for Teeth! You'll be eating steak in no time! :)