Desert Rose


Any guesses what these cardboard boxes, sealed with duck tape hold? It's a REAL treasure! And I am not joking! I feel like I hit the jackpot!


ALL of these GORGEOUS dishes were in those boxes!!!


And I really did hit the dish jackpot. You see these little lovelies all belonged to Jeremy's grandma, Gram.


After she and Papa both passed away it was time to go through their belongings. You are NOT going to believe what I am going to say next...


NO ONE WANTED THESE!!! I know, unbelievable right? I think I even heard the word "ugly" used when describing them!!


Jeremy's mom told me that no one wanted the "Desert Rose" dishes and would I be interested. I am my grandmother's grandaughter and of course I said sure. I also have a little bit of a sentimental side.


They sat in the garage at the ranch for quite awhile because no one could remember to load them into our car when it was time to leave. But last Sunday {after returning from the guys rabies shots...that's another post} we finally remember.


I took a little peak into one of the boxes on Monday because I really didn't know what I had gotten myself into. Remember, someone had used the word ugly? I was skeptical.


I think my reaction once I pulled the first piece out was, OMG!!!! I have got to get these inside and see what all is in these boxes.


Now my only thought is, where in the world am I going to store these? I have some serious re-arranging to do so that I can get at least some of these into my display cabinet.


When Jeremy came in this afternoon from work he said, "I remember eating macaroni and ketchup on those!" Now, that's why it was so worth it to say yes to taking a box full of dishes even when I had no idea what they would look like.


And I hope one day I have a grandaughter or grandaughter-in-law who sees the beauty of these dishes just as I do!


Becky said...

Those are GORGEOUS!!! I love treasures like that! One of my favorite "gifts" I've ever been given are some of my grandma's cookbooks. They are really old and falling apart, but I love looking at all the notes written in the margins and splatters on the pages. =)

princessdiva said...

Jeremy's grandma gives me the stuff she has been cleaning out from their 65 years of marriage for Christmas--she knows I love it!! Some day I may need a bigger house for all the sentimental stuff I love to accumulate too! Enjoy your "Christmas" in April!