of this little guy!!  Yep, that's right.  Frogs and toads are the one thing in life that can send me into panic mode.

They don't, however, bother my husband or children. 

Tuesday night P & C brought this little lovely home from their excursion to the ranch.  Wednesday morning we had a crisis because he had escaped from the bucket.  Jeremy thought it was probably in the flower beds and sure enough yesterday after work he and Preston found him.  Preston double trapped him last night...in this cage AND in the bucket.

And if you drove by my house last night and saw me doing a "dance" on the front porch, I was trying to calm down long enough to be able to get this picture.  Yes, indeed, I did manage to take this myself.  BUT { a big but} I don't intend to do it again. 

And just in case you think I am exagerating, ask my husband or Preston.  Jeremy once convinced Preston to chase me around the ranch with a frog until I had a panic attack.  I don't know if Preston was more scared of my reaction or thought it was funny like his Dad.  This morning as they were poking "bigger" holes in the peanut butter lid and joking about him getting out, this is the phrase I hollered from the bathroom,

"I will squash that toad flatter than a pancake if you let him out of that jar.  I AM NOT KIDDING!!!"

Preston doubled over in a fit of laughter, got control of himself and very seriously asked, "Would she really?"  Jeremy laughed and answered, "Probably."


Most definitely!

So, to torture the poor toad {and relieve the desperate momma} he toted the TOAD to kindergarten today.  Mrs. Jackson, I apologize if you don't like toads, but I figure you don't have the aversion to them that I do.  I hope the kindergarteners gave him a real run for his money today!! 

Here's to the things that terrify us in life!


The Murphy's said...

I too can NOT handle toads! They are in our flower beds all summer and like to hang out by the water faucets outside. I HATE them and scream and jump around also when I come across one. Molly has picked up this dislike too and has run inside crying from the toad that jumped at her. You are not alone! LOL!

Meg said...

Eww! I've always been afraid of these creatures too, but I always had to act like I wasn't in order for Evan to not chase me around with it! I'm sure mom could tell you many stories about many creatures that have found their way to her classroom! Ask her about the turtle shell sometime...

Becky said...

EWww! That dude looks mad. Like he's plotting his next escape!! Ticks and toads...wow, we are some BRAVE chicks!! hehe

Melissa said...

Ok...the science teacher in me is screaming...COOOOLLLLL!!! I chased a toad around our garden earlier this week and I could never catch it. Quick little thing...or I'm just getting old and slow. I'm so proud of you for getting this pic! :)

Rhonda said...

Oh, Sara! I can just imagine all this toad horror for you. I wonder how the trip to school went. LOL

I don't like any kind of creepy-crawlies --- insects, snakes, etc. But one thing I can't STAND is wasps. They absolutely terrify me. When I was 4, I was waiting in Dad's van while he was making a TV service call out in the country. Some wasps got in the van, and just flew around and terrified me. I put a coat over my head, and was screaming. Finally Dad heard me hollering and came out. They didn't sting me then, but I can't stand them to this day.

Mom couldn't stand grasshoppers. She used to tell me how they'd get on your skin and wiggle their legs around, and she would literally shudder just thinking about it!

Grandma W. hated ants. She used to say that if one had gotten on her, she would've undressed if necessary to get rid of it. Now that's extreme!