Oh how this name makes my heart skip a beat!

Do your kids call you endearing names? 

Preston called me "MOMMA" for the longest time and I remember that the first time he ever called me MOM for the first time, I was a little sad.  I just love hearing the word Momma come from my little babes.

Cambree Jane still calls me this sometimes.  Mostly she just calls me Mom.

I am so happy that I still have one baby left to call me Momma.  And I fully intend to teach him this.  I know that all too quickly he will be saying just Mom.  Afterall, he does have two older examples.

As Mother's Day approaches each year I take a look at my kids and stop and think, "How did I get here?"

I mean, I don't FEEL like I am old enough to be the mother of three.  I don't FEEL like I should have a 6 year old who is half as tall as me now.  I don't FEEL like I should have a 4 year old little girl who is my mirror image.  I don't FEEL like I am qualified to have a 9 month old.  I just don't FEEL like I should be where I am.

Do you ever have those moments?  They come so randomly and at the strangest times.  I am following them through the yard and I get a thought, "Do I really have a 6 year old?" {Not that I don't think he is mine!}  Where has the time gone?

I am looking into the most adorable little face and I think, "Is this precious little girl really mine?" {Again, no doubt she is!}  How did I get so blessed?

I am blowing rasberries on a soft baby belly and I think, "Wow, I can't believe I never knew I would have him." 

I have been EXTREMELY blessed by my children!!  For Christmas, Janelle gave me a framed quote, "My greatest blessings call me Mom."  It is one of my favorite things in my house.  It hangs right beside our front door and I see and read it often.  I absolutely feel like I didn't become the woman I was born to be until I started having kids.

Maturity comes with children.  One of the first things that comes with motherhood is you loose the selfishness that you possess before kids.  Immediately your first priority becomes your kids.  You will starve so they can eat.  You go without, so they can have.  You hurt, so they don't have to.  You protect so they stay innocent.
Your heart breaks, so theirs stays whole.  You would die, so they might live.

Never did I imagine the feelings and thoughts that would pour out of me once I became a mother.  Never did I imagine the stresses that come, the worry, the nerves.  Never did I imagine that my world would revolve around three small people.  Never did I imagine that my life would not feel complete until August 19, 2010.  Never did I imagine that I could love someone so completely.  Never did I believe that I would BECOME my mother!! LOL!

I LOVE being a mother.  I believe it was what I was born to do.  It's my calling, my life. 

Do I always feel like I do it right?  Absolutely not!!  I often feel like I DON'T do it right.  I doubt myself often.  But even through the doubt and the failures, I am passionate about these kids.  I know that I have grace and mercy to carry me through to the next minutes, hours, days.  I have learned that kids are much more forgiving than adults are.  They don't carry a grudge.  So even though I might fail or mess up multiple times a day, those loving arms are there to give me a hug and a kiss and tell me that I am still the best Mom in the whole world.

And that my friends is worth it every single time!
More on motherhood tomorrow!


Becky said...

I had one of those "how did I get here" moments yesterday when Jake come home from his physical and announced he was now 5 feet 2 3/4inches tall. Umm..how is that possible? I am 5'4. I bet by the time he goes back to school in the fall, he will be as tall as me. =( When did this happen?

princessdiva said...

HAHA--wait till one of them calls you "MOTHER." In a couple years when Preston is a tween and says that to you while looking at you over the top of his nose--you will laugh! Even Cami says it now when she is irritate--"Oh mudder!!" Kids are hooked to a lot of emotion for sure!! Happy mother's day!