Rockin' & Rollin'

On Saturday we {Cambree, Mom, Westynn and I} attended our Frazier family annual Mother-Daughter Tea. This is I believe the 11th year for this event. My Aunt Debra started it way back when as a way for us women to gather outside of the holidays and to take turns visiting each others homes. It was my turn several years ago and it is SO much for to plan for.

Each woman has had her own "theme" and that makes it that more enjoyable. We usually don't know the theme until the invitations arrive in the mail.

This year was Terri's turn. She lives south of Coldwater, in Buttermilk. Her theme was Rock N Roll, the 1950's! Our invitations were records with all the party details.

She did a terrific job on all the decorations and we felt like we were right at home in a diner.





We each got to take home one of these Pepsi glasses! Cambree and I LOVE ours and we want to get some more for the house...how fun!





The pinata provided A TON of fun later in the day...{keep reading!}


Cambree Jane peaking through the doorway.


Westynn liked it too! I think he even pulled part of it down as we were leaving for the day...at least he waited until the party was over to start taking down the decorations.


Something to munch on while the burgers and fries were cookin'.


Diner baskets for our burgers and fries. I think they just taste better when served in these!!


The Pink Ladies were in attendance, but one of them had to take her jacket off so she could cook!!


A family of Chuck Taylors!! {Cambree:pink, Robin:pink, Westynn:blue, Sara:green}


Natalie avoids the paparazzi {that's me!} Hey, at least I didn't get you with food in your mouth!!


Another pink lady!


Brooke made us play "Grease" trivia...Mindy and Haley were NOT to be beat! Brooke had some tricky questions though. It was fun!


She used a CHS yearbook as her clipboard...how appropriate!!


This is Kelly and she looked so cute! Her glasses and hat were just perfect for the theme.




More trivia fun!!


Aunt Addie, our oldest attendee. I think she is 94, because I remember being pregnant with Cambree when we had her 90th birthday celebration.


More paprazzi! We all take a group picture and then group shots of the "sisters" and their families. Here's our family, minus Westynn, he was grumpy during picture time!  Our sister, is my Grandma Loretta, and we miss her terribly each year because we know how much fun she would have had.  This year we also missed my mom's sister Debra and her daughter Audrey.

IMG_1285 copy


The whole clan! {almost, we were missing a few, but this is everyone who was there this year}
Back row: Linda, Hailey, Hannah, Natalie, Victoria, Kaitlyn
Middle standing: Brooke, Quincy, Susan, Dee Anne, Cara, Kelly, Shawn, Carolyn
Sitting: Terri, Pat, Addie, Sue, Cambree, Margaret
Kneeling: Sara, Mindy, Westynn, Robin

And this video is how we finished our evening.  A pinata.  It was a GREAT afternoon and fun was had by ALL!  Enjoy this video and try not to fall out of your chair.  The "olders" ladies got to go first...Sue, Pat, Margaret.  I have cried I have laughed so hard at this video!!

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Melissa said...

Oh my gosh! Looks like this was a blast! I love the decorations and of course all of your Chucks! I am going to have to save these ideas for a future b-day party. So cute!