Iowa Here We Come

Oh faithful GPS, take us where we want to go!

Stop in Pratt at Taco Bell for a quick bite to eat and then back on the road.  Don't you feel sorry for Jeremy?  Poor guy, the kids just won't leave him alone in the evenings!

Playing her new DS in the dark, late at night while her Dad continued to drive on!

Would you just check out those baby blue eyes and his hair...who would have thought we would have a strawberry blonde.  I sure wish it would stay this way forever.  Plus, I love some natural light flooding into the motel room!

Breakfast at the hotel.  It was actually the best hotel breakfast I have EVER seen.  Many options, including a little girls favorite breakfast...Pop-tarts!

Some DS time Saturday morning as we trekked from K.C. to Des Moines.  Only three more hours and we will get to see our cousins!  YAY!

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