What Happens in Iowa

Is tons of FUN!

Saturday afternoon after we had a chance to get out of the car, have lunch, stretch our legs and the babies took naps, Aunt Janelle took the kids and the Aunts to a sprinkler park.

My kids had never been to one before, so when we got there they weren't quite sure what to do. Luckily a couple of neighborhood kids where there and showed them how it worked. Push the button and water sprays out of the "sprinkler" for minutes of endless fun!

Jordyn loved it too! Even though it sort of looks like she didn't. She even wore Cambree's flip-flops through the water...they were on the wrong feet; so cute!

The next morning we all got up and had a delicious breakfast and then headed to Bass Pro Shop to do a little bowling. Their bowling alley is AWESOME! The balls are returned out of alligator mouths. Uncle Jeff was by far the best bowler.

But, before we got to go bowling we had to spend an HOUR in Bass Pro. Why? Because when Aunt Janelle called to see about the bowling they told her they opened at 10:00; only when we got there we found out it was 11:00. So we played a racing game as well as did some shooting at the shooting range. {It's not "live" shooting.}

The pictures below are probably only funny if you were there, so let me let you in on the funny!

About 30 minutes before this was taken {courtesy of Aunt Janelle} the kids were playing outside while the adults finished up our meal. Jeff finished first and headed outside with Jordyn to play with the big kids. Preston comes running in..."Jace...and...Cambree...got...stung...by...BEES!!!" We turn to look out the sun room windows and Uncle Jeff is carrying Jace, Cambree AND Jordyn all while trying to climb over the baby gate used to keep the dog up on the deck.

So, long story short, we get the kids taken care of and Uncle Jeff {Aunt Janelle swears he has ADD} heads out to Target to get some spray for the wasps, not bees. Aunt Janelle had seen them earlier in the afternoon, but had forgotten to tell Uncle Jeff.

So, the best part of the night was when Janelle comes to the bathroom where I am giving 3 of 5 kids baths and says, "Where is your camera? The guys are in full body armor outside taking care of the wasps." She had my curiosity piqued needless to say! I cracked up when I say these while downloading.

And speaking of crack...this is what happens to you if you ask your husband to take a picture of the kids in the bathtub.

Hmmm? Do you see any kids in this picture? AND don't you think I am brave to put a picture of my REAR on my blog?! All for a good laugh!


princessdiva said...

YIKES!! Just like a man to "just do his job!!" Looked like a fun trip!

Rhonda said...

Sounds like a fun time! Especially that water park. I hope the kids were all O.K. after the stings. And yes ... that last picture is a *brave* one. :)