Westynn Turns One - Part 1

Preface:  I am a bad mother...it has been WEEKS since his birthday party and I am just now blogging...bad mom, bad mom!

So let's start with my favorite picture from the big day! 

As you can see, he loved his cake!

And now because there were almost 400 pictures from the party (I edited down to about 200!) I am going to do a four part post.

Part 1 - Decorations

Part 2 - Water Fun

Part 3 - Food and Cake

Part 4 - Presents (this is still amazing to me since I specifically requested no gifts! No one listens to me!!)

Here we go!

Tissue Poms hanging over the food station (aka Grandma & Papa's HUGE bar in their kitchen).  And amazingly enough I didn't even hurt myself this time making them, LOL!

The birthday boys seat!  This was that stuff I ordered from Bake It Pretty and said I had no idea what I was going to do with it but it looked cute and fun.  It was totally worth the money and I wished that I would have had more of it.  It is especially good for those days when the wind is blowing 30 mph!

Happy Birthday banner displayed on the deck in the backyard.  It's kind of hard to see, but I used clothespins to attached them to the fun red streamers.  And you can sort of see the drink table in the bottom right.  I wasn't able to get a picture of it because as soon as I put drink on it, people were diving right in. That's okay though, because that is the whole point.  We had strawberry lemonade, iced tea and party punch on the table.  Mason jars were our beverage holders and had the wind not been blowing so wildly I had cute little straws to put in each of the jars.  But they would have blown away, so they didn't get used.  We also had cold sodas from the ice cream cart...once again, wish I had a picture to show you.

Centerpiece for the table that Russ made for Mom for her 50th birthday.  (He is selling them in you are interested...they are really cool!) Using sand toys was a lot of fun to decorate with, but once again the weather put a damper on just how much could go out.  A lot of it would have just blown out to the lake!

The deserts!! Everyone's favorite part, especially the under 10 crowd!

The table was a SCORE at an auction Mom and I went to back in the summer.  It is yellow enamel top, the sides drop down and it has two chairs that need some TLC. It worked as the perfect desert display table for the party.

Here's an up close and personal look at those delicious cupcakes!  The baking cups from Bake It Pretty were PERFECT and I just love how well they hold their color and show up.  The cupcakes picks were made by yours truly using some digital scrapbooking kits and printed on picture paper, punched and hot glued to sucker sticks.  Easy and CUTE!

And here is Westynn's smash cake.  This beauty would not have been finished if it weren't for Melissa and her brilliance.  I knew that I wanted to add sprinkles to the sides to give it some color, but I just hadn't figure out the logistics of it, when she came to the rescue and she bravely held the cake on it's side over the sink while I poured the sugar on.  There was lots of laughing while this cake was decorated.

And finally the balloon wreath...SUPER cute...HARD on the fingers...STOLEN by mom!!

I guess she figures since she forced me to make it, she gets to keep it...hmmmm?!

That's it for part uno.  The wind put a definite damper on the decorations.  I had a whole handful of other things I wanted to do, but it just wasn't meant to be for the day.


mom said...

I refuse to be called a theif....I am simply advertising the brilliant use of creative talents so vividly presented by my Lovely daughter...PLUS that wreath is so darn stinking cute....someday soon I will return it to it's home...but I am still thinking about the fun the day of the wreath held for all of us...THAT party was so fun...even if we nearly blew away....

Melanie said...

Looks like a great party so far!! I don't think that I have taken 400 pictures of anything. .ever. .not even on vacation!! Did you get to eat?? Loved the cake on face picture--every 1 year old has to have one!! Can't wait for the rest!

Rhonda said...

Sorry the wind was such a bummer, but I sure enjoyed seeing all your decorations!

Becky said...

Looks like an amazing party!! I bet it was easy to take 400 pictures when your subject is as cute as THAT! =) Cambree was telling everyone at lunch the other day about your cupcakes. Your famous. ;)