House Love

While things on the house are progressing MUCH slower than I would like, (see this post) it hasn't stopped me from searching the internet for inspiration.  Thought I would just share some of the wonderful images I have found so far.

This first one is pretty much my dream kitchen.  I even went so far as to email the lady and ask for her supply list!!  AND she emailed  me back!  I about died!
 Our plan has a space for the a "kids nook" and this is somewhat how I envision it looking...without that door! And maybe not so white, but definitely with big, tall cubbies.
 Another lovely kitchen.  Notice a pattern here...you will.  White cabinets, rich floors, dark counters, subway tile back splash...Oh how I can't wait to cook in a kitchen like this!

We also have a breakfast nook and I just LOVE that bank of windows.  Who wouldn't love eating breakfast, or any meal, there?

Another breakfast nook inspiration.  Love the black, white and green!

Still loving the white cabinets, but I also like how they painted (i think) the back of the cabinets so they dishes would stand out in those glass front doors.

Adorable bathroom!  The curtain here is to die for, don't you think?

Well that is just a small sampling of all the inspiration I have saved to the hard drive and/or printed and put in our notebook!


Melanie said...

Cute ideas!! I think it could be VERY overwhelming to figure out a WHOLE house!! Just small remodels to me are intense. Good luck with all the planning!! After all, that IS the fun part!

Becky said...

FUN!! Love that first kitchen! I think I'd probably get overwhelmed with that whole process. ;) Have fun!!