Happy V-Day!

Doesn't one of my little valentine's look absolutely adorable today?
And, YES, I had to Beg and Plead for her to wear this dress.

It took me an entire Sunday afternoon to  make.

She says she will only wear it today, Valentine's Day!

I really need to get a better shot of these FAB.U.LOUS shoes.

I absolutely LOVE this one (girl) to PIECES!!



Becky said...

Hey! I can COMMENT again!! HOORAY!!
Love the dress! You did a great job and I've taken my hero worship of you to a whole new level! Do you ever sleep?

mom said...

OH MY GOSH>...She is so stinking sweet...I wish she would dress like this daily....Yes, Becky...I raised a super hero....HEE HEE

Melanie said...

AHH. .I can leave a comment today!! THe dress is adorable!! Maybe she'll change her mind and wear it again someday!!

Melissa said...

That dress is adorable!!!!