First Grade Authors

From time to time Mrs. Snyder has her class write books.  Usually they are a spin off one of the books they have recently read in class.

Last week they read lots of Dr. Seuss books since March 2nd is his birthday.

They also put together a book.  Then they send it home with each kid, so they can share it with their families.

Preston brought the book home last night.  I went out to feed the dogs.  I hear the back door open.  Cambree yells, "Momma, Cody drew you with big boobies."

I tell her to go back inside and she can tell me when I get back in.  I am HOPING beyond all hopes that the cold, drizzly weather has most of our neighbors indoors and no one has heard my daughter talking about my boobies!!

Once I get inside I ask her what she is talking about...Preston shows me the book!



That's me sitting at my computer!

I think the other person in the first picture must be Mr. Jellison.

If you need help the page says:
"I saw a cumpowter in office and to think I saw it on South Central Street!"

The italics are what the student, Cody, wrote.

And, technically, I think those are my arms...not my boobies!

Ah, these are the reasons I LOVE my job!  How many of you get written and drawn about in books?


Becky said...

That's absolutely adorable! (I just LOVE when they write all by themselves. So cute. And Mrs Snyder always seems to know exactly what it says!!)

Anonymous said...

Arms? Maybe. But I think he saw you in your orange sequined tube top and micro-mini skirt!


Melanie said...

That's hilarious!! I saw arms. .not boobs!! Interesting perspective..but I think I'd be totally pumped if someone drew my boobs that big!! 6 years old or otherwise ;-)No one draws me in their pictures. .but I have been called some real great names by off the wall psych patients. . does that count? I love my job too!!

Megan said...

I'm with Traci...you must've impressed him with your orange sequin top and mini skirt! How cute. Mom always knows exactly what those little books say, when I'm thinking "is that actually a word?!?"

Megan said...
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mom said...

HEY give me back my shoulder pads from the 80's....THIS is funny!!!!

Melissa said...

Ok...so I was laughing so hard reading this...I just burnt the chocolate chip cookies I am supposed to take to work tomorrow. Totally worth it though!!! You have made an impression on this young man! :)