Pony Party - The Details

Let's start with the party decor..


The birthday treat station...PLEASE, please forgive the sherbet upside down in that big glass container!  I was scurrying around putting together the last minute touches when kids started showing up.  I wanted to be sure and get a picture of this before it was destroyed and the sherbet was too frozen and wouldn't come out of the container.

What's a party planning diva do?  She takes the picture anyways and begs forgiveness later!  Trust me, the punch was the perfect touch and DEL.I.CIOUS too!

Here's some close-ups of what was on that table.

Ooooh, Yummy cupcake tower!  Pink Buttercream frosting swirled on a basic, butter recipe cake...(insert sound of licking lip!!)

These might have been the biggest hit of the party...well at least food wise.  AND they were so very super simple!  Strawberry marshmallows, on Popsicle sticks, dipped in vanilla almond bark, and covered with what else?  PINK SPRINKLES!!


This next treat needs a better picture...maybe even it's own dedicated blog post.  Caramel corn!! I came across this recipe in a magazine and I thought it would be the perfect touch for a Cowgirl party...and it was!  At least with the adults...I think Grandma Robin might have even stuck one of the extra bags in her pocket before she disappeared after the party!


We also had a "Waterin' Hole" with IBC Root Beer and some ice cold H2O.  The original plan was to let the kids have a R.B. during cake time if they desired, but after only a few very brief moments I realized this was going to be SUGAR overload to the max.  And since we still had a good hour and twenty minutes of party left, I made the most important decision of the ENTIRE day...each kid would take their ICE COLD ROOT BEER home with them...to enjoy in the comfort of their own home.  Parents of children who attended, YOU ARE WELCOME!  A huge hit I believe though.  In fact, one little girl told her mother upon arriving home, "Look Mom, Sara gave us beer!"


Here's where all that cake eatin' took place!  I have to say that I just LOVED the way this table turned out.  We had about 15 kids here total, including friends, cousins, and semi-cousins and brothers.  We don't have near that many chairs for our table, but lucky for us, my brother built a picnic table with benches for my mom.  So, those benches were the perfect solution to getting most of those kids around our table!


Place Settings...You know, out on the trail, real cowgirls and cowboys would eat out of tin plates.  So I thought that we should too...nothing else would be right.  These are just disposable pie plates, paper napkins I got on clearance at walmart several years ago and stamped a boot on with purple ink, plastic forks and spoons tied together with a piece of pink gingham fabric, a cupcake liner filled with caramel corn, a ball jar for a cup, and a straw tied with a piece of purple gingham fabric.  These little details are what really make the party something special!!


One more close-up.  This one is because I want to share with you the little paper cups that I put the ice cream in.  Molly had gobbled her ice cream up before I took this picture, but you still get the idea.  This was a huge time saver on party day.  I scooped the ice cream out earlier in the day and put the cups on a baking sheet in the freezer.  When it was time for cake and ice cream we just pulled them out and put them on the plates.


Party Favors...straight from Bakerella.  Well the recipe anyways, I put them together!


Party Favors Up Close


Here comes the Star of the party...PANCAKE the Pony!!


When I started talking about Cambree's party at school, our friend Jaymi so graciously offered to bring her daughter's pony over to the party. Jaymi's daughter Bretlynn is 8 months old and not quite ready to ride this pony yet, so it was very nice of them to share Pancake with us!


Cambree LOVED riding the pony and she can't wait for us to move to the ranch now so she can get her own pony!


In fact, ALL the kids loved Pancake! It was cold on party day, but that didn't stop the kiddos from riding 'round and 'round the front yard. But eventually it was too cold to stay out any longer and the party was about to wind down.


We can't forget the requested pony cake.  It didn't turn out exactly like the example, but I still think it turned out pretty cute!


Now, before I end this incredibly long post, here are a few more of my favorite shots from the party!










Melissa said...

Such a fun party! We hope you had a Happy Birthday Cambree! We sure did enjoy the party...in fact we were discussing Pancake today. Too fun!!!

Melanie said...

Looked like a fun party for sure!!

Becky said...

GREAT PARTY!! And how lucky are you to have the CUTEST BIRTHDAY COWGIRL EVER? =)

mom said...

papa and i were pleased as punch to play at the perfect pony party, plenty of purty pardners prancing, primo photographs,pistol pointing, possibly prettiest party prepared Period....pinky swear!!