Ta-Ta Treats

***DISCLAIMER*** This post features a fun, unique cupcake...read at your own risk!

On Monday I got a facebook message from Charisse asking me how busy I was this week and if I could possibly do her a favor.  The favor?  Make a dozen or 6 "pairs" of booby cupcakes! Some friends of hers here in Coldwater were getting mammograms this afternoon and since she couldn't be here with them, she wanted to have a treat waiting for them at the hospital!  What a sweet friend!

I admit...at first I thought, "How the heck do you make a booby cupcake?"

Then I turned to my faithful, trusty friend, Google!  Google showed me many forms of booby cupcakes, for a multitude of causes.  And I decided that I was definitely up for the challenge, so I asked her when and where they needed to be.

So, here they are in all their glory!




Here's to the ta ta's!!


Megan said...

These are so great, Sara! Makes me laugh out loud!

Becky said...

I am sitting here totally LMBO! What a GREAT idea!!

ragtime4361 said...

I love the sentiment behind the cakes! And, the cakes are so cool! I happened to be in the "instigators" beauty chair when she "bullied" her friends into making the appointment for all of them to do the mammos. Such a cool idea to "celebrate" with the cutest cakes!

Melissa said...

Hilarious! You are all kinds of talented!

Melanie said...

Those are great!! I'm sure the girls loved them!!