Sweet Prayer

Yesterday we took Westynn to Hutchinson for a doctor's appointment.  I made the mistake of wearing flats {they were super cute shoes though}.  By the time we got home and it was time to start winding down I got a REALLY bad cramp in my foot.  It was so painful that I was curled up on the couch trying not to cry.

Preston and Cambree wanted to take such great care of me though.  Cambree offered to rub my leg and get me a drink of water.  Preston covered me up with a blanket, tucked me in and offered to get me a pillow.  They had me all situated on the couch and we were watching the ballgame.

Preston comes over and says to me, "Mom, do you want me to pray for you?" 

I said, "Absolutely."

So, we bowed our heads and gathered our hands and I waited for him to start.  He looked up at me and I said to him, "Go head, you can do this one."  What came next just melted my heart.

"Dear God,
Please make my mom feel better and me and Cambree so we can go to school tomorrow and play with our friends.

I have really been working on Preston and Cambree to start saying more prayers, instead of letting me do all the talking.  It was so nice to finally see him taking control of it.  I thought it was an awesome prayer.  I think God heard him too, because this morning we were all feeling better!  No more foot cramps for me and no more fevers and headaches for Preston and Cambree!

Praise God!



Becky said...

That is one of the sweetest prayers I've ever heard!
And why is it the cuter the shoes the more they make your feet hurt?? =(

Becky said...
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Rhonda said...

That's so sweet! That's wonderful to make prayer a natural thing. :)

Melanie said...

Good work!! And glad your feet are better!!

Melissa said...

Super sweet prayer!
As they say...If the shoe fits...wear it! I bet they were adorable.