Turkey # Uno

He did it!

Preston shot his first turkey this afternoon.


Jack had absolutely NOTHING to do with the turkey hunt, but he was INSISTING on being in the photos. He thinks he is a hunting dog...but we all know better!


Then he talked to Jace on the phone and told him all about the turkey!


Then we left Papa and Cambree to clean the turkey and Preston and I went to town to our first t-ball practice.


Becky said...

There is a big ol fat guy at the farm who's been calling to the ladies--Jacob's got his eye on him, but no luck yet.
I was shocked at how much P has grown up since school started!
Tell him congrats!! That's a big bird!

Melanie said...

Awesome..looks like it will serve a lot of hungry people. .you are cookin' it. .aren't you?? :-)

Melissa said...

Congratulations Preston! That looks like one yummy turkey! :)