The Graduate

On Cambree Jane's last day of Pre-K this year her teacher, Mrs. Hoffman, held a Parent's Day. It was a lot of fun to see the kids in action.

They read a story to us...

...in which all the kids participated with words and actions! ADORABLE!

Then they divided into groups and did a sort of Poem/Story for each of the seasons. Cambree was in the little turkey's group...appropriate don't ya think?



See her gobbler?

They counted together as a class to 100...IMPRESSIVE!!

They also did a lummy stick performance. Do any of you remember doing this with Mrs. Deewall in vocal class? I do...even this same routine. WOW!



After that exhausting exercise, we all moved to the school aduitorium where we did a craft...well we got to "watch" the craft queen put hers together, because she definitely did NOT need our help!

THEN we had ice cream sundaes. YUMM-O!
{well shoot, somewhere I have a picture of C eating her ice cream with a friend, but it must not have uploaded to my Flickr account. Well, it was GOOD!}

Finally, all the kiddos got up on the stage to receive their Preschool Diplomas from Mrs. Hoffman before being dismissed an hour earlier than all the other kids. BONUS!


NOW, this next photo is out of sequence. I know that. It should have went up in the part about moving to the auditorium, but it needed to be all alone. It is that sort of picture. One of those that probably means nothing to most of you, but one that makes this mother's heart just melt.

First of all you have to know Cambree and understand that she absolutely worships the ground that her grandparents walk on...ALL of them! Call me crazy, but I think each of them is just as crazy about her. She is a little love bug. Always holding someone's hand, tending to their needs, filling their hearts with joy; that's who she is. So, I guess I shouldn't really have been that suprised when I looked up and saw this walking up the ramp to the auditorium...

There you have it! Cambree Jane is all 'graduated' and ready to head to the other end of the building for the big, exciting world of Kindergarten. I think SHE is ready, but I am not sure I am ready to have 2 full time students. That just makes me that much older; and I am finding out {from Preston}that much 'less' wise.

She will thrive. She will wiggle her way into the hearts of her teachers. She will learn to read, write in cursive, add, subtract...and so many other things.

My heart will continue to swell with love and pride for this little jewel. CONGRATULATIONS Cambree Jane! You are going to ROCK kindergarten next year!


Melanie said...

And next year, you will have a kid in high school. .hold on. .it really goes THAT fast!

grandma robin said...

The very last photo WARMS my heart too....cause I know who is holding her left hand..:) She truly has the MOST giving spirit and warm heart....She has already wiggled her way into to my heart....I love that girl....Now if we could just get her to quit wearing Preston's old clothes...HAHAHA..So glad we could attend this party...and looking forward to many many more....

Rhonda said...

Enjoyed this post! Exciting time!

Jenna said...

Lummy Sticks! Wow, that's a blast from the past! I loved those things.

She's so cute, but how can she already be going to Kindergarten!?