Big 'Ol Hole

The day finally arrived!

I have been waiting MONTHS for our house to finally start and the first step was digging the basement.  We found out on Wednesday that they would be there early the next morning to start the digging.

I decided it would be fun to have something special for breakfast.  I mixed together some cinnamon rolls the night before so that all I would have to do on Thursday morning was bake them and then head out to the homestead.  Well, my grand plan didn't work quite the way I had hoped and I have to get creative in order for the rolls to rise!  Let's just say that I WILL NOT be using that "internet" tip any more!!
When we got out to the ranch the excavator was still on the trailer; it was very exciting & NOISY to watch it come down.  At one point, it even looked like it might just tip right over!
That excavator can MOVE though, we barely had time to snap the family photo below before he started digging.  In fact, Randy {the excavator operator} had to stop and wait for Rodney to get out of the way!!
Okay, maybe not our BEST family photo...but at least we got one!  {Just for the record I had a really great, cute idea in my head of what I thought would have been the perfect family photo, but it got shot down by the rest of the family...I got this one instead.}

We scampered out of the way and just moments later the first GIANT scoop of dirt was being moved!

As soon as the dirt starting flying, we ate our breakfast out of the back of the suburban and watched some more.

Westynn was looking UNDER the barb wire fence to see what was happening.  CRACKED me up!

It wasn't long before the kids were ready to head out "exploring."  Jeremy was happy to oblige them while I stayed back at the suburban to take more pictures and just soak in the experience.

Jeremy's dad, Rodney, came out to watch too. Or maybe it was to supervise, I am still unsure!!

There was a lot of in and out of the hole for Kelsey and his measuring stick. 

Jeremy even managed to pick up a shovel and do a little digging of his own!  HA!

It didn't take long for our little handyman to want in on the action.  He tried and tried to dig up this post, but the ground is just too dry and while he has some guns, it just wasn't enough!!

After about an hour and a half, it was getting pretty repetitive and less exciting so we decided to call it a day and head home to our a/c!  But before we left I wanted a pic of the kids sitting on one of the GIANT dirt piles.  Once again, lack of cooperation resulted in this picture.  I am officially throwing in the towel where family/sibling photos are concerned!

Here's the best shot I could get of the entire basement.  Since it is an odd shape it was hard to get a shot of the whole thing.  I climbed to the top of the dirt pile and tried, but it still wasn't high enough!  There is more of the basement off to the left.  It's like a big rectangle and a big square connected together.  Hard to explain in words...so I will quite trying now.

I have thought about what I would type in this post for several days and now that I am finally sitting down to write it, I have NO idea what to say.  There were a lot of emotions that day.  Excitement.  Nervousness.  Surreal.  Frightened.  Joyful.  Thankful.   I wanted to be able to express on my blog all the things that went through my mind.  But, here I am typing away and I've got nothing!

Maybe it's just the mood I'm in...the words aren't coming to me.  Hopefully all of my house posts don't end up being this boring!!


Rhonda said...

It's exciting to see the first steps happening for your house! Thanks for sharing the photos. :)

Megan said...

This post is so exciting! I can't wait for this to be my post someday! :) CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!

Melanie said...

Let the excitement begin!!

ragtime4361 said...

How fun! YOUR house! Enjoy the ride!! Soon there will be walls, and the excitement will REALLY be uncontrollable!! Congrats!

The Murphy's said...

Yipee! How exciting! There really is no words for this big step in your life. I don't remember the basement being dug (probably lack of sleep from Molly being brand new!) but I do remember going out to look at the newly poured basement and it was so exciting! I just couldn't wait to raise my family in our new house! Can't wait for that final blog with pictures of your finished house...and then a super duper girls night out there! ;-)