A Glimpse of Summer

We have NO vacation planned this summer.  Sitting around waiting for the house to begin is the highlight of our summer...and so far has been quite disappointing!

Ball and swimming lessons are completed, so it is finally starting to feel like what I think summer should, RELAXING!  In order to keep from getting down about the status of the house, I am trying to keep myself busy with the kids and projects around the house.

I thought it might be fun to document a week of our summer life.

On Monday:
Westynn and Mama jumped on the trampoline in the morning.

Mama washed all the swimsuits and towels and hung them out to dry.  Monday is a good day for this since the pool is closed!
 There was a little dress up session that went down.
Then, while everyone was in costume, we had a dance party.  Preston LOVES to bust a move...and I find it highly entertaining to watch him bust his moves!

On Tuesday:
There was more pretend play going on. The big kids were playing "Mom and Dad." I don't know what example she is following here!
Note the tattoo on her right bicep!!
We went to the swimming pool and the big kids enjoyed the cool water and performing their tricks for the camera!  I just ADORE pictures from the pool...they always end up being my favorites from summer.  Westynn also hammed it up for the camera!

This picture is my FAVORITE one in my June folder currently!!
On Wednesday:
The kids went to the ranch and spent the day with Grandma Janis who was on call at the hospital.  There are no photos!  I spent the day browsing Pinterest {my newest addiction}, taking a long, slow, hot shower WITHOUT interruption, quick trip to Woodward to get Jeremy some new work shirts, repaired Cambree's quilt, finished up an apron and camera strap, made Cambree a coverup for the swimming pool, and enjoyed the QUIET!!  I forget how noisy this house is on a daily basis!

On Thursday:

We dumped all the cars out of the bin and drove them around for hours!  Westynn says, "beep, beep" as he drives around...SO CUTE!

We watched a movie while Westynn was napping.  Okay, here's the honest truth...this happens almost DAILY during the summer.  Especially when it is over 100 degrees outside!

We hit the pool again after naptime.  No pictures though.  I am really trying hard NOT to take so many photos of the same things; like swimming at the pool!

On Friday:

We drove the trucks around again.

Reason #231 that I {heart} being an adult!  I can eat ice cream for lunch!  Yep, I said for lunch.  It wasn't the wisest decision perhaps, but it sure was a delicious one!

Cambree and I worked on some projects.  It's just the way we role around here!  Cambree did hers with crazy hair and shirtless...I will just leaving you wondering what my clothes and hair looked like! HA!

I'll share with you in another post what my project is all about.

That's how our week went.  It was a fast one though...TOO quickly for what is supposed to be summer!

Have a SAFE and HAPPY July 4th...and don't forget what this holiday is all about...FREEDOM!!

Let it RING!


Becky said...

Looks like a WONDERFUL summer so far! Sorry the house isn't coming along yet. =(
We haven't been able to play outside in the afternoons either. It seems like we just have a little window in the mornings to play and then it's just too hot.
Hey--if you are at the pool and see Mr Tristen doing some of those "turn momma gray in the head" flips he does off the diving board, would you snap a few pictures for me? My camera just isn't fast enough and I've NEVER been able to catch anything decent.

Rhonda said...

looks like lots of fun summer things going on! :)

Melanie said...

That sounds like a great and relaxing week!! We are glad that all things coming in with June are over and the rest of summer fun can start!

ragtime4361 said...

The picture of Cambree with the pink glasses just looks so totally Grandma Robin! Love all the pictures!

Melissa said...

Looks like you all are having an AWESOME summer so far! Curling up on the couch to watch a movie is honestly one of my fav things to do on a hot afternoon! Love it!