Question of the Day?

Telling the kids they can't go to the pool if they don't start behaving.

Who is really being punished in this situation?  Mom or kids?

Right now I am leaning toward MOM!!


Becky said...

This is kind of how my summer is going. I've learned a lot though.
So far I've learned: A. The age 13 is not fun for the parents. AND..evidently, when you hit 13, your parents become dumb, clueless and TOTALLY uncool. B. My youngest is going to need a VERY patient wife. He is A SLOB and I use to think it was just his age. It's not. It's how he is. He leaves a trail of shoes, socks, STUFF..where ever he goes!
Hang in there. I keep reminding myself how much I miss them when they are at school!! And reminding myself, and reminding myself, and....;)

Melissa said...

I would say MOM! I often think about this when I take a privilege away from Harper. What was I thinking...I ruined it for myself too! I love the pool and I know you do too! Hopefully the kids take you there today! :)