That is the approximate number of days that Jeremy & I have been married!!

I was 19.
He was 23.

Too young perhaps? Who knows. I wouldn't go back and trade it. We had the great privilege of spending 3 years together, married, before having kids. I think it helped us so much.

That being said, after 3 kids and 11 years, we don't pass up many opportunities to spend time alone together. We went to Wichita in July to celebrate our 4015 days together and we had a pretty good time!

I have come to realize we don't have near enough pictures of the 2 of us together!  Time to make a change and get in front of {or beside} that lens!
Jeremy doesn't necessarily agree with me. :)

We went to a car show that was downtown right outside our hotel.  It was one of the biggest shows I have ever seen and some of the things we saw were incredible.  We both kept falling in love with all the Chevrolet Chevelle's and Camaro's that were displayed there.  I love the picture above...and happen to think it would look awesome in a large print and framed on someone's wall....anybody?
This is probably as close as I will ever get to a Ferarri...my reflection in one!  I was afraid to breathe standing this close.

We also had the pleasure of witnessing what should be considered the WORST Elvis impersonator ever!!  He was awful...we just stood and laughed at him.  I think a few people actually thought he was good.  We had a hard time trying to decide if he was trying to be bad and get a laugh or if he really thought he was good.   The jury's still out on that one!

It was a short, fast weekend, but one that felt so good and was much needed.  It's amazing what a little one on one quiet time will do for ya!


Becky said...

I can't even remember the last time Danny and I went someplace alone. I think it was over a year ago. Sad, and we should probably do something about that, huh!
Glad you got away! Love your pictures. I can NEVER get Danny to take ANY pictures!

Megan said...

Glad you two got some alone time! You inspire me...I was 19 when we got married too. Toby was 25. And we too, waited 3 years before Jackson! Isn't love GREAT?!?