Does This Make My Bathroom Look Small?

HA!  What a creative title!  Are you impressed?  Ya know, like 'Does this make my butt look big'?

We got basement framing this past week and I have been trying to decide if I think it looks bigger or smaller.  The only real issue I had was the bathroom....it looks WAY smaller in real life than I have pictured it in my head.  The other rooms all look okay.  You see what you think.

Looking from the south to the north.  You can see the two basement bedrooms.

Here's the safe room. It's going to be so nice to have a safe place to go when the storms roll through.  There are braces in the door frame, because the walls still need to be poured with concrete.  

Our bedrooms have window wells now.  Only thing left to do now is to figure out something to go inside them, so that if an escape is ever necessary, we can do it quickly and easily.

Those two electric poles are new!  Won't be long now and our house will have electricity.  Kelsey will run underground wire from the closest pole to the house.

Here's that SMALLISH looking bathroom!  I have choosing to just have faith and since Kelsey and Brett have assured me that it is big enough, we are going to go with that!  

It's a very surreal feeling to be out at the new house.  

It's peaceful.

It's beautiful.

It's calming.

It's everything I never knew I wanted.

I was here this particular morning about 9:00 am.  I just kept thinking how awesome it is going to be to sit on the front porch and watch the sun come up...or sit on the back deck and watch the deer graze the wheat pasture before heading off to bed down for the day.

We won't be in it in time to enjoy the crisp fall mornings and evenings, but hopefully spring will find up perched in our hew home!


Melanie said...

The bathroom does look smallish. .but I'm sure it will work out great when it is done. .besides, you probably have several other bathrooms to make up the difference :-) You can NOT imagine how wonderful it is to sit on your front deck, gazing at the scenery. .with no noise and NO neighbors!! It will be SOOOO worth it!

Becky said...

I grew up with a bathroom so small you could start your bathwater in the bathtub and wash your hands in the sink all while sitting on the potty so any bathroom bigger than a small closet is big to me! ;) It's also hard to judge things while things are under construction. I guess I'm not being too much help, am I? I DO love the picture of you standing looking at your house. You are going to LOVE it. Imagine what your summer will be like next year! Amazing!

Melissa said...

I just can't believe how much progress has been made since we were there last weekend. It looks so "real" now! Too exciting! I'm tellin' ya...it is so peaceful out there. I can't wait to come and enjoy the porch with you.

Rhonda said...

Looks like it's coming along real good! Thanks for sharing. :)