KA~CHOW! The rest of the story!

Westynn started off his big day with a cupcake for breakfast!


A phone call from Grandma Robin to see if he was ready for his party!


Got an expertly applied Lightning McQueen tattoo!


Miss Cami Stinson {our tattoo artist for the day} applied many a tattoo for all of Westynn's friends!



Miss Bretlynn was a BIG helper and handed Westynn all of his presents to open!


He loved every minute of it!

He got a lot of fun new things to play with






And the funniest part of opening gifts was this...

Dear Mr. Westynn:
It is so hard for me to wrap my mind around the fact that it was 3 years ago when I brought you home.  I can remember that first day at home like it just occurred.  We sat in the recliner and you just snuggled with me.  That should have been my very first clue as to how my heart would be affected by you each and every day!  I can't wait until you are old enough to understand just how you came to be and I hope you will grow knowing just how big a part of God's plan for this family you are!

As you turn 3 you are full of vim and vigor!  Some might call you stubborn or hard-headed.  You can defintely give us a run for our money.  I like to think of you as passionate...mostly because I can see a lot of myself reflected in you.  Your vocabulary is HUGE!  It's hard to believe we were worried about your hearing and speech such a short time ago.  You still call Cambree, "Tambree" because you can't say or C or K sounds!  I am really going to be sad when you outgrow that.  The relationship you and Cambree have is one that both melts my heart and causes me a great deal of stress at the same time.  It's a love/hate thing!  One minute you guys are the best of friends and the next you are bitter enemies.  My prayer is that as you grow your friendship will grow and you will always know that you can turn to your big sister for anything!

Pure boy!  That's you!!  You love to go with Dad and Papa and "help" at the ranch.  Dad comes to pick you up on the 4-wheeler almost every day and the two of you go to check cows.  You probably know more about our herd at 3 than I do and I love that.  You are Papa's right hand man when it comes to "fixing" stuff and I think that it makes Papa just as happy as it does you.  Those are two of my favorite things about living on the ranch.  You also like to be outside getting good and dirty!  When we do have to be inside you like to play trains and farm.  Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is your favorite cartoon to watch and we snuggle in my bed and watch it together almost every morning.  Cars 2 is your favorite movie.  Sports still rank high on your list and you like to Tackle and to kick the football.

When the dinner bell rings you can often be found first at the table.  You are a great eater and tend not to miss many meals.  Go-gurt is a favorite and requested often.  Pancakes are a breakfast favorite, but you also really like Lucky Charms.  Any time I fix mashed potatoes I know to fix extra for you...you like yours with ranch dressing.  Actually, you like most anything that has ranch on it.  You have even picked up the habit of putting ranch on your biscuits from Cambree!!  Like the other kids, spaghetti and mac & cheese make the list of favs!

Westynn, there is not a blog post long enough for me to try and explain to you how wide and deep my love for you is.  I look back just a few short years ago and wonder how I ever thought our family was finished and complete.  Boy, I would have missed out on so much and the more you grow the more I realize this!  You are such a precious boy, and even though we don't always see eye to eye, once I see your smile or hear you laugh, my heart feels full and complete.

My prayers for you as you go through this year are that you will continue to love the ranch and this life we have here.  That you will be an explorer and learn so many things through life experiences.  Your personality will stay just like it is....okay, maybe a little less passionate!  I pray you will not lose that childhood innocence that seems to go so quickly.  I pray your love for Preston and Cambree will grow as will your friendships with them.  That you will never for one minute doubt the love that Dad and I have for you.  That you will grow confident in who you are in Christ and that He will show you the big picture!

I could go on and on, but I will save something for your 4th letter!!  You are more special than you will ever know and you occupy the places of my heart that I didn't even know existed!!

Love you bunches STINKBUG!!


Becky said...

Oh, I just can't believe that sweet boy of yours is 3! I remember you bringing cupcakes for his 1st birthday. Like last week, right?
HAHAHA Love that bubble wrap!

Melissa said...

Cupcakes for breakfast! My kind of boy!!! :)
P.S. I love your couch!!!