Summer Fires

We experienced a couple of summer fires this year in our new neighborhood!


This fire was on June 26th. I happened to look out the window about 10:30 or 11:00 and see a huge cloud coming up over the hill to the northeast. I called Jeremy to see where it was {okay, really to see how CLOSE it was}. He reported that it was just across the blacktop and that he was helping!


That's Jeremy and his dad moving some of the neighbors cattle off the pasture that would later burn!


Down the road they go to a pasture across the blacktop that wasn't on fire!!


Some hardworking Kiowa County Firefighters!!

The aftermath



Later in the summer we had a little fire A LOT closer to home!!

Matter of fact, I was in Coldwater when it started and I followed the Comanche County Fire trucks north out of town. Then they turned at the county line, went north, then I realized they were heading to my neck of the woods. I topped the last hill and saw the fire down our road and the trucks sitting at the intersection. YIKES!!


Turns out the guys who were building fence had a spark and a fire started in the pasture just east of our house. It's our neighbors and they have an abandoned house and a large tree row in this pasture. It could have been a really massive fire, but once again the amazing firefighters in Kiowa County had it all under control quickly!!



Most of these pictures were taken at our first cattle guard {if you've been to visit, you know what I am talking about}. The fam waited on the other side and chatted for awhile while watching them finish up.





This last picture is from our front porch so you can get an idea just how close it was!!

Luckily, we avoided some real disasters during our hot and dry summer!!

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Melanie said...

YIKES. .those fires are scary!! I remember coming home from work one night and seeing the pasture right across the highway from my new house lit up. .my kids were enjoying the view from inside the cop vehicle. .Too close to home!!