Spring Break 2013

Here's a little Spring Break re-cap.

We started off waiting oh so patiently for the big kids to get home.


Westynn and I had arranged a fun treat for them once they got home.


Sherbet floats!!


They were a big hit and the joy and excitement of a break lasted oh about 35.9 seconds!!

I knew that I had to have some sort of a plan going into this week or we would all end up at each other's throats and I would hear moaning and groaning about how bored they were. So I of course browsed my thousands of Pins on Pinterest to see what fun things we could do and I came up with this fun schedule for the week:

Make it Monday
Time to Read Tuesday
What's Cooking Wednesday
Take a Trip Thursday
Fabulously Fun Friday



We made this homemade play-dough using Kool-Aid. It was quick and easy and smelled WONDERFUL!! Plus, the extra bonus was that once it was made, they played with it for a couple of hours...BONUS!



The afternoon was so nice that we also ended up out at the go-kart track.

The kids set up an obstacle course and I timed them while they drove around it.




Westynn always got the best time :)


The big kids read books on the webcam and then we emailed them to their cousins, Jace & Jordyn. These are long...4 minutes and 9 minutes!


We cooked up a storm in the kitchen

Jolly Rancher Suckers


and homemade pretzels





we had a picnic at the park


then walked through the zoo in Garden City



{that's my favorite photo of the boys taken in a LONG time}

IMG_5929 IMG_5930

our little rule breaker hopped the rope to get a closer look at this very friendly antelope


peepin' in the foxhole


we got quite a kick out of these monkeys



We just hung out at home and the kids never claimed their boredom so I just put on hold the plans I had for Friday and just let the kids do their own thing.

And I apparently didn't pick up the camera because there are no pictures from Friday.

It was nice to have a break, but it was especially nice to have such beautiful weather.  

It's hard to believe we will be enjoying summer break in less than 9 short weeks!!


Becky said...

I am actually ready for summer break. I know that is not really the normal things moms say, but gosh I sure miss my kids!! They are so busy all the time right not it seems. I was so sad Monday when they went back to school after Spring Break. It sure nice having them home!
Looks like you guys had a wonderful spring break too!!

Melanie said...

That's crazy!! Sounds like you planned a great week! I bought some new hurricane drink glasses a few weeks ago. .and cant wait to get them out and use them for fun drinks like that. .alcoholic and otherwise ;-) For now, they are stored in the box till our remodel is done and they can have their new home in that old wardrobe I teased about last month! Stay tuned!