Mini Photog


A new tradition has emerged over the last several years with my parents hosting a Memorial day picnic for the Allen side of the family! It is always fun to see people we haven't seen in a year as well as some delicious food.

Oh, and we get the opportunity to take some photos. This year after I FORCED my children to take a picture with me, CJ turned the tables on me and took over as photographer! It was pretty comical and she got some funny shots :)

{Shot by Sara}

{Shot by Robin}

{Shot by Robin}

{Shot by CJ}

{Shot by CJ}

{Shot by Sara}

{Shot by Sara. CJ using Grandma's camera}

{Shot simultaneously by Sara & CJ}

YES...those are my parents!! HAHAHA! And I am certain I will get an earful for posting this...oh well, sometimes things are worth it! :)


Melissa said...

Those pics are hilarious! I love all of the red, white and blue! Everytime I think of 4th of July, I think of your family!

Becky said...

AWW! I love Cambrees pictures! =) Looks like a wonderful 4th!

Melanie said...

HAHA!! Awesome job!!

mom said...

Hey.......Missy,,I don't check your blog forEVER and when I do the second post 'roasts' one set of your parents...HOW BAD CAN MY HAIR look on a hot WINDY day for a BBQ at our house...Oh well...hopefully the fun we had taking photos will be the memory and NOT Grandma's hair or weight....I do love the photos....one is now my screen-saver....and you are aging like a dream....live it love it...and I love the pool photos....cause you have the CUTEST little swimmers I know....How do I do instagram...you need to spend some time with your mom and her computer....