Cooking Ladies

For several months...well since February actually...I have been wanting to do a freezer meal cooking day! My BFF Melissa was telling me all about her freezer cooking day with her mom and sister.

Spring and Summer came and life was busy.

Then school started and life stayed busy.

So, I decided to email a couple girls who I thought would be willing participants and the ball started rolling!

With enthusiasm we set about planning a date, finalizing menus and lighting up each other's mailboxes!!

Here we are


{Yes, that is me...the apron lady without a cute apron! Someone had borrowed it for the homecoming parade a couple days before and I didn't have it back yet. Can you believe I only have ONE full size apron? I better get to making another one before our next freezer cooking day!}

cooking collage

We each brought one recipe to share with the group, so depending on how each person split their dishes up, we all took home 5-8 meals to put in the freezer. So far, we have eaten three of the 5 recipes and each have been delicious...I can't wait to try the other two!


This was such a fun afternoon and we have already scheduled our second day!

Oh, and I just have to tell you that I received a text the next day from Tara and her son was referring to us as the "Cooking Ladies" and I think that is so cute...so from now on girls, we are the "Cooking Ladies"! We need shirts or aprons or personalized wine glasses!!

If you want recipes just leave a comment and I'll do a post with them!


Tara Woolfolk said...

I love it!! We have enjoyed a few dishes already and they have been great. Excited to have our next cooking day. Dishes and cooking was much more fun with friends!! I love the "Cooking Ladies!"

Grandma Robin said...

Of course we all want your recipes....and this is part of what keeps families together...food..homemade good food...what a blessing for all of your families....I should do this for our church ladies...