Double Digits ~ Preston's 10th Birthday


I have said it a million times this month...BUT HOW did Preston become 10?!

I am quite certain that I just gave birth to him mere months ago...I remember it like it was yesterday...waking Jeremy up in the middle of the night to tell him that I thought I might be in labor OR I had just wet the bed and needed to change the sheets. He was up and dressed by the time I got back from the bathroom!! I guess he was a little anxious.

Anyways, I digress.

Preston turned 10 on the 18th...and lucky for him this year it fell on a Friday which meant he didn't have school. Which also meant I didn't have to get up before the rooster crows to make cinnamon rolls! I'm always thankful for weekend birthdays :)


He was also lucky because his cousins were on fall break and they were able to come up and spend the weekend at the ranch. Jace spent Thursday night with us, so he got to get in on the cinnamon roll action too!

Preston requested NO PARTY this year! I know, whose kid is this? Clearly, his dad's!!!!!!!

I tried and tried to convince him to just invite one friend, but he insisted that all he wanted was family...and I think the only reason he even agreed to that was for the gifts!

His food request was homemade pizza, so I was rolling dough all morning long making sure I could feed our hungry crew of grandparents, cousins and aunt and uncle.


Is this how all 10 years olds eat?! I admit, I am NOT quite prepared for this stage in my mothering career...double digits makes kids weird...again, maybe it's just me!!


This crew cracks me up...

Preston downed his pizza and pepsi so fast that he claimed his stomach hurt too much for cake and ice cream, so he "suggested" that we just go right to the opening of the gifts and get to the cake stuff later. Again, he's willing to sacrifice that boy is!

We lived to tell the tale of another scavenger hunt...which I will say is MUCH calmer with only 5 kids in the house. This one ended


with some "COLD HARD CASH"!!! Straight out of the fridge :)

Preston's dad was NOT down with the whole skipping cake idea, so we had to light those babies up and get him something sweet! Yes, Preston was forced against his will to sit still for 5 minutes for pictures and singing and candle blowing out and such...he loved every minute of it...you can see my the expressions on his face!




I will also never have to fear that he will become a smoker...he is repulsed by the smoke, lol!!

Last but not least, I had the pleasure of having this little gem


flying around my head...too near my unruly mass of hair for 2 days...till it broke!! I knew it would, so I was just holding my breath, praying that the propellers didn't get caught in my hair...although it would have been a good excuse for a new haircut. I should have thought that through a little better!!

Dear Preston,

You're 10...finally!! I know you waited a long time to be able to say that. You also couldn't wait to remind me that you are officially a "Pre-Teen" now. Since when did that become a term anyways?! I'm not sure exactly what it means, but it must be important to those entering the double digit stage of life as you are.

You are getting tall...almost to my shoulders. That both excites me and scares me at the same time. It won't be long and you will be able to reach things for me, but it also means that our time of snuggling on the couch in the mornings will be changing from my arm around your shoulder to your arm around my shoulder! Those piercing blue eyes are just as blue as ever and your hair seems to be staying the perfect shade of sandy blonde, even when I was sure it would be darkening up by now. However, you still are skin and bones...not for a lack of eating though. You can really put away the groceries and the weekends are a constant string of "Mom, what can I eat?" I am dreading my grocery bill when you transition from Pre-teen to Teen!

You got a game called Smarty Pants for your birthday and you knew almost ALL the answers! It's like you are a little sponge and just soak up anything you read. And you LOVE to read...anything you can get your hands on and if it happens to be historical or related to WWII you can even read it multiple times. You also love to read the Bible and you dove head first into your new Bible. This makes your mom so very happy!! But, before long you are going to know more than me...and I won't be able to answer your questions anymore. I guess I'll have to step up my study and maybe we can learn together!

If you aren't reading you are either building forts and bunkers with Lincoln logs or making all sorts of things with Legos. Your imagination and creativity amaze me. I know I don't always seem like it, but I really do love when you show me or tell me about your battles and your creations. I don't, however, enjoy all the Lego's I find all over the house. I just want you to be aware that I FULLY intend to save every single one of them and present them to your first son...or daughter!! You'll be thrilled I'm sure :)

Preston, you are one special boy on the verge of becoming a man! You hold a place in my heart that no one else will ever occupy. Proud isn't a strong enough word for how I feel watching you. Yes, I struggle at times to understand you and your Pre-Teen, Boy ways, but it doesn't make my any less grateful that I get to be your Mom!! I have no doubt that God has lessons for me to learn from being your mother. And my prayer is that He has some lessons for you too as my son. We'll weather those lessons together! I've always, ALWAYS got your back Preston. I love our bedtime chats and sharing things with you and listening to what is important to you. I pray for your growing knowledge of Christ and His redeeming blood that was shed for you...that you will accept that gift soon and really start to develop a relationship with Your Savior!! I pray that you will continue to thirst for knowledge and that what you learn will encourage you and lead you down the path God has planned for your life. I pray that you will always realize the value of family and that you will stand up for you brother and sister...and hold them near and dear to your heart. I pray that you will realize how much Dad and I love you!! I pray that your body will continue to grow strong and healthy. I pray that your heart will always remain soft, but that it will grow strong.

Happy 10th Birthday Preston....Mom loves you always!!


Becky said...

Hope he had a wonderful birthday!!! And hang on tight, Sara!! He's about to get really tall, smell really bad, and eat A LOT of food! ;)

Grandma Robin said...

I can NOT believe my first grand-baby is a strapping 10 yr old...I can't wait for him to drive me around...thanks for inviting us to his party....He will always have special place in my heart because he was first....