Halloween 2013

This year our halloween was pretty laid back...hit up Grandma's, took some pics, spent about and hour trick or treating, hit up the other grandma and were home by about 8:45. The only difference this year was that Preston decided he didn't want to participate this year.

If this posts upside down I'm gonna be SO mad!  HAPPY HALLOWEEN. ..said in my best Dracula voice...blah blah blah!

fireman westynn


A quick nap on the way to town

Being' goofy on the way to town

Readin' on the way to town





And because I had a little too much fun editing these photos

Grandma & Vampire Cambree



Preston didn't seem to be bothered by not trick-or-treating, because he proceeded to eat nearly ALL the candy his gma Robin gave him while he and his dad drove us around town. I was unaware of his candy eating until that night about 10:30...when he was up with a stomach ache. Turned out all the wrappers I had picked up out of the car were PRESTON'S!!!! He got sick the next day. He went from being fine and sword fighting with Westynn one minute to being in the bathroom the next. After a brief period of rest...he was back to normal. I think next year, Dad is in charge of going door-to-door and I'll drive and monitor the candy eating!!


Melanie said...

I LOVE your fancied up photos!! Funny!! Devin still thinks that he wants to trick or treat NEXT year too :-) I see the end of Halloween fun in my future soon. .and that is just SAD!! This is the first year in about 10 that we didn't get to have our annual bash! Though I didn't miss it as much as I thought I would!! Time goes so stinking fast!!

Melissa said...

Love all of the pics! Make me want Fall to come back!!! :)