Christmas Questions ~ Day 9

9. Do you have a nativity displayed through the holidays?

I do.  Right now it's a little one that I got a couple of years ago in a little gift shop in Greensburg.  It's perfect, because I don't worry about it getting broken and Westynn has moved those figures all over my house this year!  One of the Three Kings was even on the edge of my bathtub one day.  He broke Joseph's arm...but it's OK!!  They know who Jesus is and they know that's why we celebrate Christmas.  We also have a Fisher Price Nativity that lives in the kids toy room year round.


Now, I feel that I must tell you the sad story of my beautiful Home Interiors Nativity that is no more.  I purchased it one year before we had kids...


That pictures doesn't do it justice. I LOVED IT!!

Notice the past tense verb there?


I even loved it after the angels arm got broken off during a rather raucous wrestling session between Jeremy and Preston one year.


It had the sweetest baby Jesus and the most adorable animals keeping watch.

And the stable...I just loved that too!

So, I'm sure you wondering by now what happened to my beloved Nativity Scene.

Before we moved out here, I had an outside storage shed. I very carefully wrapped all the pieces in tissue paper and lovingly packed them away one year. Only to open the lid on the plastic tote the next year and gag...apparently the lid had a tiny hole I was unaware of and our shed had started leaking...so that thing was COVERED in mold!! I had to toss the entire tote...it was emotional.

I'm always on the lookout for a new nativity, but I just haven't seen anything that I am willing to fork over the money for yet. Until then, we'll enjoy our small and portable nativity...who knows where we'll find Jesus this year?!



Megan said...

I have a small stable, baby Jesus, Mary, and Joseph that Jackson adores! I love that I don't have to worry about it breaking...because they have been dropped several times!

Melanie said...

I have 2 nativity sets. .one, similar to yours. .has a lot of emotional tie. .and several broken, glued, and REglued appendages :-) I can't bear to part with it. .even with one missing wise man hand and a missing horn!! I finally bought a new one at Hobby Lobby last year. .and I LOVE IT!! It has Scripture scrolled on the figurines. .and they are NON breakable :-) BUT. .Jeremy sent Dev with money last week to the pharmacy to buy the initial set of the willowtree nativity set. .which I have loved for years!! It was cheaper than I had originally seen it to be. .and I am super excited to put it out soon after Christmas!!

Robin Allen said...

I have a nativity I bought at Twon and Country floral several years ago...i have a little one from nearly 30 years ago...I would love to have a precious moments nativity...I have a friend in Texas that has over 30 off them and leaves them out around her fire-place on the shelves all year long....they are AWESOME....

Melissa said...

We have nativities in each room in our house. In my living room, I have the Willow Tree Nativity and I love it! When my Grandma passed away, I got her large Willow Tree Holy Family...and I will treasure them always!