Christmas Question ~ Day 11

11. What's your favorite holiday goodie to make and share?

My favorite is probably sugar cookies...because it is a family affair and because people seem to LOVE them so much!!  It's always nice to receive a labor intensive goodie that you didn't have to make yourself.  I also have a couple of other regular holiday goodies...peanut butter balls, snickers fudge...YUM!!





Pictures from 3 years ago...they were SO little!!


Megan said...

They were little! Love C's hair! :)

I love to make anything...I love to cook and bake! Rum caramels and peanut brittle with my mom, gram, and aunt might be my favorite holiday one though!

Robin Allen said...

Fudge is my SPECIAL go-to-all of my friends and family want a batch... I make at least 12 batches...more on some years....this year I bought a 5lb tub of FLUFF..it is huge... it is half empty...I love peanut butter balls too...Jene and I take turns licking the pan that I make the fudge in....I also lick the Fluff spatula...he does not even get that option....

Melanie said...

HAHA Robin. .I love fudge. .but it is one thing that goes down in my small list of things that I JUST. CAN'T. MAKE!!! I can't pick just one thing either ;-) I LOVE to make candy. .and made a triple batch of peanut brittle last weekend. .Ready for my BIG day tomorrow getting the majority of my other goodies made. .caramels, toffee, chocolates and cookies. .lots of cookies!! YUM!

Melissa said...

Sugar cookies using the same recipe that my mom used when we were little. They aren't easy to make, but I love eating them!!! And I have so many fond memories of them growing up!
PS. Love the pics!!!